Discount on insurance premium
The CU has agreements with two insurance companies: Centraal Beheer Achmea and Interpolis. CU-members can get extra discounts on their insurance from these companies.

For car insurance the discount can be as much as 34% on your net. premium. (excl. no-claim bonus)

For home insurances like building / furniture / Third-party insurance the discounts amounts from 10 to 35%

You can contact the insurance companies directly, so do not adress to the CU for insurances. All you need is the CU reference number, which CU-members can obtain from our Treasurer via For the discount  with  Interpolis a bankaccount at the Rabobank is required.

There is a yearly check by the insurance companies to see if you are still registered as CU-member.

Contact Centraal Beheer Achmea:
Car & Home Insurance 055-5798000
Live Insurance & Morgage 055-5798100
Contact Interpolis:
Car & Home Insurance 0800-1257