Tennis on the university takes place by the Sport Centre, there are 11 outdoor, all season tennis courts.It is possible to play all year round, with the exceptions of Sundays and tournaments.

Introduction lessons

New members receive 5 free lessons. These lessons are given in groups of 4. Lesson times are negotiable. For more information and times, contact Manon van Run

Tennis lessons

During the lessons you will improve your tennis skills,through targeted exercises.
Let the secretary know if you’re interested  in the group classes. You will then be contacted as soon as possible for further information or appointments

SSCE Mix & Meet

There is a recently created Facebook group called SSCE Mix and meet. This is a new concept of the SSC. People without a tennis partner can come into contact with other tennis players to play a game. For more information, see the page itself, which can be found by searching on the name SSCE Mix and Meet.


These are organised 1-2 times a year

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