About the CU

The goal of our association is to promote solidarity among each other, to provide opportunities for relaxation and personal development in the areas of culture, technology, and sports.

The composition of the association has changed over time. Our membership, consisting of approximately 1,000 individuals, includes retired staff as well as current employees. The ratio is approximately 70/30.

The Board consists of volunteers who are appointed in the annual general meeting. The board members, along with several volunteers, are working to promote the objectives of our association in a professional manner, increasing solidarity and fostering social contacts among members.

The association consists of the sections: Badminton, Beekeeping, Bridge, Petanque, Tennis, and the Choir Canta TU. Annually, we organize activities for, among others, the Board of Directors, such as the Pentathlon, St. Nicholas celebration, the winter circus, Easter egg hunt, bingo night, and day trips for our retirees.

We offer discount deals on cinema tickets, Efteling, and Toverland. We provide the opportunity for pre-registration for the annual programs of the Parktheater and the Muziekcentrum. We have negotiated discounts with two insurance companies. One company even offers a 20% discount on premiums, in addition to a package discount.

As our new accommodation, we will have access to the Old Villa on the Blauwe Loper.

A question that concerns us is: how can we interest more working staff (including international staff) to participate in our activities and become members of our association? Think along with us. If you have ideas for activities, get in touch with us via CU-board@tue.nl.

We are working with great enthusiasm in the Board and hope to convey this to you, through our commitment and facilitation of various wonderful activities. If you feel addressed and are not yet a member of the Staff Association/Colleagues United, you are very welcome (see elsewhere on this site). For a monthly fee of €1.50, you will receive, besides various discounts, solidarity, enjoyable social contacts, and meet your colleagues in a relaxed atmosphere.

The board warmly greets you and hopes you will soon make use of our facilities,

Marian van den Broek, René Denkers, Hans Lamers, David Parkinson, Anja Reniers, Ad van Rooij,

Paul Tiel Groenestege, Leon van de Vorstenbosch.