Efteling vouchers are sold out

The purchased discount tickets from Efteling are already used up for this calendar year.

That is why there is now a replacement discount campaign for members of the TU/e ​​staff association.

You will receive € 10 return per ticket (maximum 4 pieces).


This temporary action works as follows: 

Send your entrance tickets (or online reservation) together with your digital statement of the payment transaction from your bank as PDF files to: 

h.m.lamers @tue.nl

(Hans Lamers, Colleagues United)

You will receive € 10 per ticket back within approx. 1 week.



About the C.U.

The Staff Association was founded with the aim to promote solidarity among employees, offering them opportunities for relaxation and personal development in the field of culture, art and sport. The CU is still active and we as the Directors are proud of that.

The composition of the nearly 60 year’s association has changed in the course of time.

Our membership consisting of approximately 1,200 people, is not only made up of employees but also pensioners. The ratio is about sixty –forty.

One question that keeps us thinking; How can we get more people with a working interest (international) to participate in activities and join our association.

One of the main points we have to consider is the fact that our universitiy has a considerable large amount of English speaking employees.  The TU/e is increasingly using English as the official language, therfore we decided to change the name of our association. The board decided henceforth to use the name Colleagues United, abbreviated “CU”.

We will continue to organize more activities that are focused on the working staff, which of course our pensioners who play an important role are also welcome. If you have any ideas about this, we would like to hear from you.

Not all activities are developed at this time. We are engaged in an online store where we can “buy in” cheaper. We are also busy with talks with the energy suppliers of the TU/e, so that our members can make use of the TU/e redemption.

We, the Board, are enthusiastically working towards beter facilities and we hope to bring this over to you.

We offer all kinds of wonderful activities, see the CU book or check out this website.

If this appeals to you, don’t hesitate in becoming a member of Colleagues United, you are welcome.

For a monthly payment of €1, 50 you can experience the fun and cozy atmosphere in the Colleagues United Meeting Centre.

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Like us on Facebook


Entrance tickets Toverland


Toverland vouchers are sold out. In 2024 we will provide new entrance vouchers, keep an eye on our website.