Easter bingo

Datum: 29/03/2023 (19:30)

Because of Covid, bingo has been postponed for several years. So this year we introduce Easter bingo.

The central hall of the Auditorium has been reserved for this purpose.


Of course, the PV will again provide great prizes and also this year there will be two extra top prizes to throw.

Presale from March 2 for tickets in LUNA 1.044 ( next to hairdresser) on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


The presale days in Luna 1.044 are the following days, open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m:

Tuesday: 7-3-2023    14-3-2023    21-3-2023   28-3-2023

Thursdays: 2-3-2023    9-3-2023    16-3-2023    23-3-2023


The entrance fee is €6.00 p.p. (includes 2 kien boards, which you will receive upon entry).

You can pay by pin, if Cash please pay in cash.

Extra planks € 3,= each, you can buy these in the hall on March 29.

The hall is open from 18:30 and the game starts at 19:30. Admission from 16 years


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